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01. Basics about carburetor repair

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01. Basics about carburetor repair

Keyster Carburetor Parts produces since more than 40 years carburetor parts for japanese Old- and Youngtimer. Made in Japan. These are no tuning parts. All parts only replace the original part. That means no licensure changes are necessary, also no ABE etc.

  • You should have all adjustment data handy. Float level should be newly adjusted if possible.
  • You should eliminate all other sources of error. Ignition, compression, valve clearance, air filter, spark plugs and connectors, cabling, etc ...
  • Fuel tank should be stainless inside or equipped with a good gas-filter. The sieve inside the tank is not sufficient enough if there is rust in the tank.
  • It should be exactly reviewed what kind of carburetor is installed. Often it is not sufficient to install replacement parts only according to licensure.

During time there could be carburetors installed which are from other construction years, from abroad, or else. Visually not identifiable. The problem is: e.g. at the Z900/Z1000 model series for 3 years the VM26 carburetor with 3 different needle jets / jet needles / main jets / slow jets have been sold. Often the VM28 carburetor has been used and then nothing fits together. The same at Honda CB750four, from K1 to F1 there were 4 different needle jets / jet needles / main jets / slow jets combinations with different jet needle positions. This means: First check then get parts.