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15. Keyster production problems.

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15. Keyster production problems.

  • CX500 und CBX1000 | Jet needle (identical needles) detached from upper plate and became unuseable. Done 11.2006
  • CB750four | Float chamber gaskets, edgewise about 2mm too wide, did not fit with the duct of the last Four models. K6/F1, K0-K2 no problem. Done 04.2008
  • CX, Boldor, GL1100, CBX1000, CB550K, CB750K7, CB500four … | Protuberant O-Rings float chamber gaskets. Those gaskets should always be pasted in, alike the original. Due to many requests a new rubber mixture was used, available since 04 - 05.2008. These Kits are marked with "F" (Fluorelastomere).
  • CB125K | Float chamber gaskets imprecisely punched. Done 05.2008
  • CB450K/CB500T | Float chamber gasket inaccurate. Changed 01.2007
  • XS1100 | Needle jet not precise. Kit taken out of sale. Changed 02.2008
  • XS1100 | Mixture screw 2mm too short. Changed 02.2008
  • four models | Slow jet of all Honda Four models instable. Breaks when screwing in or out. Done 11.2006.
  • SR500 | Cold boot piston too short. Taken out of sale. Done 08.2008
  • CB350four | Needle jet drilled about 2mm too deep. Effect: Motor runs too thick. Done Jan 2009
  • Z650 | Needle jet Production error (burr inside/down) jet needle jams ... Production May 2009. Sale from August 2009 without needle jet. Substitute since about October 2009
  • XJ650 | Mixture screws thread wrong gradient ... should be 6x0,5 but is 6x0,75. Taken out of sale July 2009. Done September 2009
  • XJ900 31A | Main jet wrong, should #102,5 … is 112,5. Done July 2009
  • Some slow jets have production residues inside the channel, please check them by view just before build in. If there are residues just blow them away. Normally it's OK then. We are working on it.
  • Not all Kits contain the wearing part needle jet. We work on it. Kits with ending "N" (needle jet) should contain this part.
  • Keyster packs up by hand, we are all just humans. Always check whether all parts are correct and whether the package is complete. Alle relevant parts are labelled, thank you.
  • It is understood that if there are problems we change everything for free. "Tell us" is the spell, thank you.