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Shipping cost to Germany

goods up to 25€ = 3,00 euro shipping time 2-4working days
goods over 25€ = 5,95 euro shipping time 2-4 working days


EU shipping

cost 8 euro, shipping time 5-20 working days
13,90 Euro over 120 Euro, 3-7 working days


Please note for shipping term outsite EU

e.g. Schweiz, Amerika, Afrika ect.


There are two options:
  • option 1
    shipping cost 8 euro up to 120 Euro order or 13,90 Euro over 120 Euro order
    and we calculate with german tax, you get tax back if you send us customs documents.
  • option 2
    shipping cost 50 Euro, in this option we sell without german tax

We hope for understanding, but our tax office ask for customs documents for German consumer tax. (19%)


Your Motorradbay-Team