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XJ700(Maxim)<br>year 85/86
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year 85/86

Article No.: KYV-33L23

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float valve set XJ700(Maxim) year 85/86
for original Mikuni Vergaser build byKeyster carburetor parts

  • Keyster Best.Nr. = KYV-33L23
  • OEM = 3CF-14107-23
  • OEM = 25G-14107-23-00
  • OEM = 12R-14107-20-00

some Mikuni carburetor type used by first model steel valve,
example: XJ900 31A, up to >XJ900 58L is new alu valve with rubber top in use.
we sell here second type with rubber top, work better also in first model.
If you need old style, please ask, thanks.